Refund Policy


Last updated: June 2022

You could be entitled to a refund if the features or videos associated with your iChill purchases don't function as promised.

Some payments for iChill services and memberships are non-refundable. If a refund request is approved, we'll disable access to the material and reimburse your money in accordance with the general refund timelines.

Check our refund policies and learn how to request a refund in the articles below.

Request a refund for iChill service or membership

We’ll give you an overview of how to request a refund for our iChill Premium memberships, channel memberships and paid services like movies and TV shows.

  • iChill Premium Refunds

iChill Premium and iChill Music Premium are membership services we offer to amplify your experience on iChill. To request a refund for either of these memberships, first, go to or click the “Request a Refund” button in our Help Center. The Request a Refund button will take you to a page listing your premium memberships. Then, click “Continue” to process your refund request. Then, select your reason for requesting a refund. Finally, tap “Request Refund” to complete the process.

Refunds are not available for partially used annual plans. If you purchased an annual plan and need to cancel it, get in touch with iChill Support. If you want to report a fraudulent transaction, file a claim using the link in the description.

  • Channel Membership Refunds

Channel memberships are different from iChill Premium and iChill Music Premium memberships which allow viewers to join YouTube channels through monthly payments. Channel members get perks like badges, emojis, and other goods.

You may cancel your paid channel membership at any time. Here are the steps. You can navigate to the channel page that you're a member of and then click on the “Membership” tab. Once you're there, click on “More” and then press “End Membership and Perks”. 

You can also sign into your iChill account. Click on your profile picture and navigate to “Purchases and Memberships”. Next to the channel that you're a member of, click “Manage Membership”, then press “Deactivate” and finally “End Membership” to cancel your channel membership. Once you cancel, you won't be charged again. You'll be able to use the badge and have access to all of those creative perks until the end of your billing cycle. 

NOTE that you won't be refunded for the time between when you cancel and when your channel membership officially ends.

  • iChill Services Refunds

iChill allows users to rent or purchase movies and television shows. Additionally, you can watch paid virtual events such as music performances or comedy shows. If you're experiencing issues playing a movie, TV show or event that you've purchased, check out the troubleshooting steps listed in the description below.

If you haven't watched your show, movie, or paid event, you can request a refund within seven business days of that purchase. Get in touch with our support team if you can't request a refund directly from the steps outlined or if the movie, TV show, or event that you purchased is defective, unavailable or didn't perform as stated.

To request a refund via desktop, go to, then select the purchase that you would like refunded. Next, select “Problem with Purchase” to activate the refund. Select your reason for requesting a refund, then continue to process your refund request. Finally, tap “Request Refund” to complete the process.

To request a refund on an Android device, open the iChill app and select your profile picture. Tap “Purchases and Memberships”, then “Purchases”. Click on the three-dot menu next to the item you would like refunded. Press “Problem with Purchase” to activate the refund. Select your reason for requesting a refund and then tap “Request Refund” to complete the process.

Some purchases made on the iChill Android app may be billed through Google Play. This does not impact pricing or cost, only from where the purchase is billed from. You can visit “” to see recent charges and check how you are billed. To request a refund for a Google Play purchase, check out the article in the description for more details.

If you made a purchase using your iPhone or iPad or signed up for a iChill paid membership via Apple, you'll need to get in touch with Apple Support to request a refund. Apple's refund policy will apply.

  • Refund For Other iChill Products

Purchases made for other iChill products such as Super Chat, Super Stickers, Super Thanks, and donations are non-refundable. If you notice an unauthorized charge on your account for any of these products, use the link in the description to report the charge.

iChill Refund Timeline

Refunds from iChill are returned to the payment method used to make the original purchase. Refunds take different amounts of time depending on how you paid. If your refund takes longer than expected, check your refund status on your Google payments account. 

If the status is “Refunded”, you'll find a credit on your form of payment. If the status is “Canceled”, the order was not charged and you will not find the crediton your form of payment.

Contact iChill Support for paid products

If you purchased a membership or other digital goods on iChill, you can contact support for help. To get in touch with iChill Support, make sure that you're signed in to the account you used to make a purchase.

Updates to our Refund Policy

iChill may update this Refund Policy from time to time and will notify you of the changes on the website. The most recent version of our Refund Policy is relevant, as published on our website. We will identify which areas of our policies have been amended with each update.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] should you require any further information about this Refund Policy.