Privacy Policy


Last updated: June 2022

1. General information

As the operators of iChill, we take the security of your personal information extremely seriously. We collect, handle, and utilize your personal data in line with this privacy statement and the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and the General European Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").

This Privacy Policy will explain to you with information about the collection, processing and use of your personal data when using our website. 

If you supply us with the personal data of third parties, you must ensure that these individuals are aware of our Privacy Policy and that you only provide their personal data with their consent and that their personal data is accurate.

2. Responsible Person

If you have any questions about data protection, you can contact [email protected] in writing by email. 

3. Processing of personal data in relation to the website

3.1. Visiting our website

When you visit our website, Amazon Web Services (AWS), our website's hosting provider, gathers and keeps certain information in so-called server log files, which your browser sends to us. The specified information/data is not connected to data from other sources or ascribed to individual people. We may keep track of the following personal data:

  • Profiles and Registration Information

We will allow you to establish an account on our website using your cellphone number, email, or a third-party platform account. We may gather personal information from you when you establish an account, such as your username, password, email address, or phone number. We also gather data from third-party accounts that may be used to identify you.

  • Operation Information

We may collect information from your account when you use our website and/or when you use your registered account on our website.

  • Cookies

We may gather information about how you use our website and its features using Cookies and similar technologies.

  • Log Information

When you use the website, the AWS server will automatically record your behavior and relevant information. The login type, time zone, access date, and time spent on pages and functions of the website, as well as other statistics and Cookie information, may be included in this log information. We may also gather information about your interactions with our website in order to better understand your interests and modify and improve our website and features.

  • Information you choose to post and/or to publicly display (if relevant)

You may upload and publicly declare your photo, voice, or other material on our website, as well as share it with others in/through our website. You still have control over the things you publish, and you may choose to post, show, or remove them.

  • Information you submit

The information you supply to contact us, such as your email address, names, and other information supplied by you when you provide us your comments on our application and services via our feedback channel.

  • Your IP address and Location Information

When you use our website, we may gather your IP address in order to offer you with more tailored features and services. In addition, in the event of attacks on the network infrastructure or other unauthorized use or misuse of the website, the IP address will be evaluated, along with other data, for intelligence and protection purposes, and if appropriate, used in criminal proceedings for identification and civil and criminal proceedings against the relevant users.

  • Information You Share on Third-Party Websites or Social Media

You may be able to publish comments, articles, reviews, or other material to third-party websites and social media platforms through the Services. These third-party websites and social media services may collect or share information about you as a consequence of your use of these third-party websites and social media services. We recommend that you read the privacy policies and settings of the third-party websites and social media services with which you interact to ensure that you are aware of the data that may be collected, processed, and shared by such third-party websites and social media services.

By altering your device or browser settings, you may be able to restrict the amount of information we gather from your device (e.g., computer, phone, or tablet). However, if you restrict us from collecting information from you, we may be unable to deliver parts of our Services to you. Please see our Cookies Policy for additional information about our cookies and other tracking technologies, as well as how to manage them.

3.2. Opening an account

To use all of the website's features, you must first create an account. The gathered data, which you willingly submitted to the website, is used to provide you with password-protected access to your personal data registered on the website and to allow you to utilize the website's services.

3.3. Using Cookies

Cookies are used on this website. Cookies are used by many websites and servers on the Internet. A cookie ID is found in many cookies. A cookie ID is the cookie's unique identifier. It comprises a character string that may be used to associate Internet sites and servers with the particular Internet browser in which the cookie was saved. This allows visited Internet websites and servers to distinguish between the data subject's specific browser and other Internet browsers that include other cookies. The unique cookie ID may be used to distinguish and identify a certain Internet browser. can deliver more user-friendly services to this website's users through the use of cookies, which would not be possible without the cookie setting. See our Cookies Policy for more information on the cookies we use and the purposes for which we use them.

3.4. Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics, a web analytics tool supplied by Google Inc., is also used on this website. Google Analytics' website has further information on the web analytics service used:

We may get the following Google Analytics information in addition to the data stated in section 3.1:

- Website navigation path 

- Time spent on site 

- Returning or new user 

- End device

Unless we become aware of particular indications of illegal usage, we do not utilize the information and personal data gathered by Google Analytics to identify people.

3.5. Using Social Media

We make use of social media plug-ins (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. on our website). The owners of the relevant social networks may record that you are on our website and use this information if you activate them (by clicking on them). These social media networks are responsible for processing your personal data and do so in accordance with their privacy policies. Please review the privacy rules of these particular social networking networks. We are not liable for any information acquired by these third-party social media networks. We exclusively utilize these platforms to keep our community up to speed on new developments and to respond to user inquiries.

3.6. Registering for our newsletter (if relevant)

Registration is required to get our newsletter. You must give your name and e-mail address for this. By registering, you give us your permission to handle the information you provide in order to deliver the newsletter to the address you provided on a regular basis. Any information collected in this manner will never be shared or sold with a third party.

You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of each newsletter. Your personal information will be destroyed when you unsubscribe.

3.7. Registering for our event (if relevant)

We may request the following registration details to register for any event held by iChill on our website: First and last names, language, company affiliation, company title, payment card information, and e-mail address are all required information.

Unless otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy or you have not expressly consented, we will only use this information, as well as any other information you willingly provide, to execute the reservation agreement.

We will process the data by name in order to properly record your reservation, contact you in the event of a query or problem, and assure proper payment.

4. Other parties who have access to the data we collect

4.1. Staff, Third-Party Processors, and Third-Party Service Providers

We share your personal information with our staff members, contractors, affiliates, etc. (collectively, "Service Providers") who perform services for us or on our behalf, such as operating and supporting the services, analyzing data, conducting KYC and/or AML/CFT, or providing marketing or consulting services. These Service Providers will only have access to the personal information they require to carry out these restricted duties on our behalf.

4.2. Responding to Subpoenas or Court Orders, as well as Protecting Rights and Adhering to Our Policies

We will reveal your personal information to the extent authorized by law if:

  • If required by law, or in response to a subpoena, court order, or another similar request from judicial, law enforcement, or other competent public authorities; or
  • We believe, in our sole judgment, that disclosure is reasonably necessary to prevent fraud, protect our or other users' property or other rights, or even to safeguard the general public; or
  • We suspect you have misused the Services by using them to attack our systems or obtain unauthorized access to our systems, to spam, or to break other laws.

4.3. Corporate Transfers or Bankruptcy

Any personal information owned or managed by us may be one of the assets transferred to third parties in the case of a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or other selling of all or a portion of our assets. Any change in ownership or usage of your personal information, as well as any options you may have regarding your personal information, will be notified to you by email or a conspicuous notice within our services.

Except to the extent that bankruptcy or other court orders otherwise, any transferred personal information will be subject to this Privacy Policies use and dissemination. However, any personal information you provide or gather following this sort of transfer may be subject to the successor entity's new privacy policy.

4.4. Third-Party Marketing Partners and Affiliates

We may share any or all of your contact information with our marketing partners, parent company, subsidiaries and corporate affiliates, joint ventures, or other organizations under common ownership with us, if you give us your permission. We may allow third parties to use your information for their own marketing purposes if you opt-in to receive marketing emails from them. You may opt out of having your information shared with our affiliates for their own marketing purposes by contacting us.

5. Data security

To safeguard your stored personal data from manipulation, partial or total loss, and unauthorized access by third parties, we implement suitable technological and organizational security measures. In order to keep up with technological advancements, we are constantly improving our security measures.

Please be aware that any data transfer through the Internet (for example, e-mail communication) is inherently insecure, and we take no responsibility for data sent to us via the Internet. Unfortunately, technologically, complete security is not achievable.

This information does not apply to third-party websites or the connections to other sites on our website. iChill disclaims any responsibility and obligation in this regard.

6. Updates to our Privacy Policy

iChill may update this Privacy Policy from time to time and will notify you of the changes on the website. The most recent version of our Privacy Policy is relevant, as published on our website. We will identify which areas of our policies have been amended with each update.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] should you require any further information about this Privacy Policy.