About us


Last updated: August 2022


iChill is a "New Generation" video-sharing social networking platform that is applied Blockchain technology and all participants benefit in a transparent and fair way.

Simply put, iChill is YouTube's "Next Generation", according to the formula:

iChill = YouTube + other great features

Four main participants at iChill

  • Creators: create/share content in the form of videos, and various ways to make money. In particular, copyright is protected by NFT technology and can be rented, bought and sold.
  • Viewers: watch to earn, share to earn.
  • Businesses: save on advertising costs thanks to P2P payment blockchain technology.
  • Retail investors: buy, sell, exchange NFTs (video, audio,...), invest in potential entertainment projects.


To become globally the largest decentralized video platform. iChill creates a new ecosystem where digital content is freely produced, distributed, and exchanged while ensuring that all rights and interests of participants are protected.


iChill always tries its best to apply the superior characteristics of technology, especially Blockchain, to create a fairer, more transparent, and democratic digital content ecosystem. iChill will incentivize the production and sharing of global digital content by empowering and delivering commensurate value to user contributions.

Core values

iChill's commitment to users, partners, investors, society, and ourselves. These values ​​are the guideline for all activities of iChill to become an innovative technology enterprise for people: 

(1) Product quality is the focus; 

(2) Customer benefit is the key; 

(3) Community contribution is an obligation.

Business philosophy

iChill attaches great importance to people and technology. We always dedicate our enthusiasm, talent and technology to creating superior solutions and contributing to the community for a better and more civilized global society.


These are the things we aim to do and that you can count on us for: 

(1) To be the largest decentralized video platform in the next 5 years; 

(2) Delivery benefits and rewards to users by financializing social influence; 

(3) Continuously improve and develop technology to bring users the most enjoyable and satisfying experience based on iChill's core value (customer benefit is key); 

(4) Bring high returns to long-term investors and contribute to community welfare.